28 Mar


A look at the Next Gen Console Rumors.



We love our rumors in the Games Industry, especially those that promise to shed light on the specs of the next generation of consoles for Microsoft & Sony. (I don’t include Nintendo in this because they seem to permanently be a generation behind the others, bless ’em).

So this morning the latest batch of rumors hit, this time regarding the PS4 via Kotaku. As with the NextBox rumors, a lot of the detail covers chipsets etc, but I don’t give a toss about those things and will just focus on a few key points.

Rumor the First: PS4 will not allow people to play PS3 titles.

Now my first reaction was ‘Really, well that’s just bloody daft…’ based on the knowledge that I have approx 100 PS3 games on my shelves & that the prospect of having to write off all those titles is somewhat bothering to me as I know the PS4 would replace my PS3 in my gamesroom.

Then I thought about it a bit & asked myself the question ‘How many PS2 games have you revisited since the PS3 came out?’ The answer is none, zero, nada, zip. Then I asked the same question of my OG Xbox games and I could only come up with 4. (KOTOR1 &2, Scarface & Fable). Now I know I am in the very fortunate position to have several consoles & a gaming PC to take care of my gaming cravings, so I have options, but let me ask this of you the reader..How would YOU feel if you could not play your PS3 titles on a new machine?

Now perhaps this current gen of games is slightly different to the last gen as I am not sure that the graphics / sound / gameplay will take a similar  huge leap forward in the next gen. As someone who returns to the Asylum & City of Arkham a lot, who loves being inFAMOUS & enjoys revisting Uncharted territory, I think I will be rather miffed if the only way I can have some retro gaming fun is if I reconnect my PS3 time and again. Lets face it, there are only so many consoles a chap can have out at once, and once the new version hits the older ones go into a storage locker!

So overall, this rumor that the PS4 will not support PS3 titles is really bloody stupid. If it was any company other than Sony I would say this would never happen, but it is Sony…a company who likes to take 2 steps forward before shooting themselves in the foot and dragging the bloody stump back about 3 miles.

Next rumor: Need to be always online.

Both the PS4 & NextBox share this rumor, and let me repeat what I have said before on this topic….THE ONLINE INFRASTRUCTURE IS NOT YET SOLID ENOUGH TO SUPPORT A MAJOR CONSOLE GOING ONLINE ONLY! And before any of you mention ‘Onlive’, while it is a cool way to stream PC games, there is a reason it has not broken into the mainstream. If either MS or Sony jump to the ‘always online’ settings for their consoles in this next gen, I can see them struggling big time.

Next Rumor: The Nexbox will have Blu-Ray / No it wont  have a disc player.

I would like to think that option 1 makes the most sense. For anyone who thinks that the Nextbox will only have a harddrive & will rely on XBLA to deliver content should really read my response to the previous rumor again…and again.

Next Rumor: Buh-bye used games.

This is another PS4/Nextbox rumor, and one I really don’t care about to be frank. More than happy to see the likes of Gamestop get hammered in the used market after they have spent years underpaying and overcharging for used games. This market does not benefit the gamer (they get overcharged and now still have to buy online passes) nor the games maker (who see squat of the resale cash).

So those are the main rumors that really caught my eye. I am sure there are more to come, and I still think that MS are daft if they don’t announce the NextBox at E3 this year, but thats just my opinion.

One last thing, ‘Orbis’ is a stupid & wanky codename. I propose that from now on we give the PS4 the codename….. ‘Brenda’.



23 Mar


Welcome to the new site!


So here is the long awaited redesign for the site!

Its in ‘beta’ right now, which means that over the next few weeks the content & art will be updated, stuff tagged properly etc. Some of the tabs are a little unresponsive right now, but that will be fixed too!

You will also notice a little button that has the word ‘Forums’ on it. Well I want this site to be a cool place where people can come talk about games etc, so feel free to register!

More content on the way soon!



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17 Jan


Separating Church & State


Or more accurately separating my gaming rants from my non-games rants!

For those of you who follow me on the tweety, most have signed up to hear my views on games & not much else. However you get more than you bargained for when I start ranting about religion, politics, sport or anything else that pops into my (sometimes booze addled) mind.

I am aware that this is not everyone’s proverbial cup of tea, so as of this moment if you follow @annoyedgamer, you will get my opinions on games stuff and not much else.

Now I know there is also a small percentage of you who actually enjoy all the crap I spout, so for you folks, allow me to introduce….@mrmcgrump

This is where I will be posting all my random thoughts on stuff that are not about games. No holds barred of course, so if you don’t want to hear then stick with @annoyedgamer!

Of course you can follow both, but only if you are really…really sick.

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10 Jan


CES Day 1


It is early. I am sitting in a huge hall at the Venitian surrounded by people in suits. I feel as out of place here as a condom salesman at the Vatican. It’s the Qualcomm Keynote and to be honest, I have no idea what to expect to be honest. Let’s face it, I am here for the games and that comes later when I get to meet the Snapdragon crew to talk about mobile games.

We have all just been told that we are not to use wireless devices during the keynote, so the next update will be sent by ESP.

This is supposed to be a tech convention right? No wireless use? Seriously? It seems the people who run CES keynotes are total, clueless twats.

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07 Jan


My CES trip: Full Disclosure


If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I am heading to CES in Las Vegas on Monday. This post is to tell you how this trip came about.

Originally I was not heading to CES, I am a freelancer on a rather tight budget when it comes to trips away, so more game-centric events such as E3, PAX etc have to take a higher priority for me. I would love to go to every tech/games/geek expo, but it’s just not possible.

So on Friday, Dec 30th I get an email from the PR folks for Qualcomm, who make processors and stuff for numerous things including cell phones & tablets. The email asked if would I be interested in attending CES as part of their Qualcomm Ambassador program. Now of course I can be a bit dim when it comes to some things, so I responded by thanking them, but I was not going to the show. The next email kinda floored me, as their response was that Qualcomm would like to host me at CES, taking care of my flights, hotel, registration etc.

Now I have never taken a hosted trip from anyone before, actually I have never been offered one before! I know where my place on the totem pole is and as I don’t do a huge amount of previews etc, all I generally get is review code and maybe an invite to a launch party in LA and to be honest, that works fine for me. 

Anyway, back on topic. After reading the offer, I had to think about it. After all nothing is ‘free’ in life and someone always expects something back, and seeing as my reputation is built on being 100% honest with my thoughts, I don’t want to end up a shill. I know it works for some members of the media but I did that for years as a PR guy and vowed never again.

So I call the very nice PR chap, ask him some questions, explain my concerns and he was very open & understanding. He explained how the trip would work (see below) and that there were no expectations for me to turn into ‘Mr Qualcomm’, just to come, attend their keynote, hit a few booths to see how their processors work with mobile gaming devices (cells, tablets) and report on anything that I liked. I would also be participating in their ambassador roundtable that streams live on their site on Weds Jan 11th from Noon – 12.45 PST.

After hearing all this, I took some time to think about it. I spoke to a couple of people I really trust both in & out of the industry then thought some more before accepting.

So here is the full rundown:Qualcomm are supplying:
1/ My flights to & from Vegas.
2/ My hotel in Vegas
3/ My CES Attendee badge
4/ Meals & travel in Vegas

Qualcomm are also providing me with a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tablet & a HTC Radar 4G phone that runs on their Snapdragon processor so that I can record video, tweet & blog from the show.

So that’s the full deal folks. I am going to CES, I get to play with some cool toys, see the Qualcomm demos etc, but I also get to go see Sony, MS & Nintendo plus anyone else who has some cool games stuff.
As always, let me know your thoughts, either below in the comments, or via Twitter (@annoyedgamer). 


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13 Dec


Dissecting the VGA’s Part 2: The Reveals.


I have a sneaky feeling that people watch the VGA’s more for the big, exclusive reveals rather than the actual awards. In the past we have been treated to lots of lovely delights, so how does this years offering stack up? I am not going to discuss every trailer, just the ones that got my interest. After all, it’s my bloody blog and I will write what I want!

As always, this is just my opinion based on what I saw at the broadcast on Sat and then through rewatching last night. If you want to see all those reveals again, those lovely folks at Joystiq have everything on one nice page.

Hitman: Absolution:
Confession time: While I seriously dig the ‘Hitman’ character & mythos, the games have always left me cold. I have always felt that the execution (ohh I am punny) left a lot to be desired. That changed at E3 this year where I got to see the playable level and I have to say that this is on my must play list for 2012. The trailer summed up what the franchise should be about: Style, story and killing bad guys in a ultra efficient manner.
Verdict: Eager for more.

The Last of Us:
This was the trailer that everyone was curious about before the show. There were theories bouncing round that it might be Half Life 3 (Never gonna happen as a PS3 Exclusive btw) or perhaps a Resistance spinoff. Well everyone was wrong as Naughty Dog wheeled out something cool, kinda gritty and high on the ‘Walking Dead’ vibe.
I have to admit that as it booted up I also got a ‘Dead Island’ feel, which is no bad thing!. Naughty Dog are masters of the cinematic PS3 game and I am a sucker for real world games with zombies/mutants etc, this looks right up my alley.
Verdict: Give me more, now!

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD:
The original TH games remade in HD without the wanky skate balance board thing or any of the general douchness that has invaded the franchise lately? I could go for that.
The trailer.. kind a blah but we know what we are getting so I hope RoboMoto step up.
Verdict: Cautiously optimistic

Command & Conquer Generals 2:
One of the most beloved PC games franchises of all time is now in the hands of one of the best development teams on the planet. C&C; + Bioware should = me getting all moist.. but it doesn’t. I am not sure why but I have a bad feeling about this game. I need to see much more before that feeling will go away.
Verdict: I am worried…for now.

Mass Effect 3:
No brainer right? This should have been the one trailer that got me all dribbly and aching for next spring… but it didn’t. I was hoping for more story, something vast and cinematic to prep me for my continuing adventures with FemShep (she is such a minx) but all I got from this trailer was that it really reminded me of ‘Gears of War’. Mass Effect is an action RPG in my book & ME2 really nailed the combination of story, RPG & action. I pray that BioWare has not messed with the ME2 formula, because if they have and gone more shooty shooty, I am going to be more pissed than an army of Taurens with crabs.
Verdict: Underwhelmed to say the least.

Rainbow Six: Patriots:
Where to start? Regular followers will know of my deeply personal attachment to the Clancy games following my time working at Red Storm. They will also know how much I feel the R6 & Ghost Recon franchises have been butchered by Ubisoft. I am going to try an put those feelings to one side to look at this trailer impartially.. oh screw it, that’s not why you are here right?
I have so many concerns over this game that it’s not even funny anymore. The trailer runs like a mishmash of generic trailer number 36 and a call to arms for the Tea Party. Where is Rainbow in all this? Why isn’t Six in the trailer (Six is the code name for John Clark, the head of Rainbow) Where is Ding Chavez? Why don’t we see Rainbow at their base in Hereford getting the briefing as to what is going on? R6 is a brilliant book and the first few games were outstanding before Ubi started shitting on them. Ubi are saying that the planning is back in this game, but I have a gut feeling that Patriots will be yet another COD clone that further rapes the corpse of a once brilliant Tac-Shooter series. UbiSoft – Prove me wrong.
Verdict: I am getting ready for a ‘curled up in the shower while crying’ moment.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare:
I really loved the first Alan Wake game, it felt like a true American Gothic story that kinda got hosed by a daft release date and less than stellar marketing. I am glad that Mr Wake is getting a second bite of the gaming cherry and I hope that MS get a good push behind the game, especially as it is a DLG. After watching the trailer a few times, I have to say that I really got a very ‘Nathan Drake’ vibe from the game this time round. That is not such a bad thing of course, because if the new game is half as good as Uncharted 3, then XBLA gamers are in for a treat!
Verdict: Want more!

The Amazing Spider-Man:
Its Spider-Man fighting a big robot. No Vulture, No Doc-Ock, No Lizard & a brief mention of Norman Osbourne. Got a sneaky suspicion that Arkham City will still be the best Superhero game around next year.
Verdict: Totally (un)amazing.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
The last Transformers movie game was a total disgrace, but with no films to shill for next year, can High Moon pull it together and create a top quality robot on robot action game? I hope so because a bloody good Transformers game would be a joy to behold. Plus they have DinoBots now (which is important apparently).
Verdict: Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

A pretty damn clever play on words here, as you are defending a fort… at nite! Hope someone got an extra cookie for that gem! As to the trailer itself, well yes, I like the vibe I am getting! The prospect of a foraging/tower defense game that infused with the kind of visual humor that made ‘Dungeon Keeper’ such a joy for me is really intriguing. It seems like a real departure for Epic so lets see how this goes.
Verdict: Genuinely curious and a little excited.

Diablo 3:
Didn’t need to see this really, its Diablo, I played the beta, I am stoked for it. Case closed.
Verdict: Just give me the damn game already!

BioShock Infinite:
Wow, its amazing how a song can change the whole tone of a trailer! Try watching this with the audio off then with the song playing. Its a totally different experience. I am actually a little conflicted about what was shown, the music and early footage worked so well, I felt that they didn’t need to show the shooty stuff. My desire for this game has not dimmed one iota and it can’t come soon enough for me.
Verdict: Beautiful trailer, beautiful game.

Metal Gear Rising Revengance:
Where do I begin? Revengance..transfarking..so..many…jokes…
No, must breathe deeply and crack on. This was a trailer for a Metal Gear game right? It appeared to me to be a Ninja Gaiden knock off featuring some guy who must have fallen into some industrial machinery at some point, then got a sword and decided to take out his frustrations on a bunch of soldiers and a giant AutoBot.
I guess it’s hard to do all the sneaky sneaky stuff when you look like the offspring of David Beckham & a blender..
Verdict: I have no clue, honestly. Was this a real trailer?

Darksiders 2
Dude! It’s Skeletor!
Verdict: By the power of GraySkull?

Ok, that be it for today! Those are my thoughts, next post will be on Thursday!

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12 Dec


Dissecting the VGA’s Part 1: The Awards.


The Spike Video Game awards have become such an interesting topic of conversation. Pre awards has always been dominated by Publishers & Devs rejoicing & pimping their nominations, encouraging people to vote for the viewers awards etc, and then we have post event, where the show gets reamed for too many celebs, not enough awards, poor writing etc. Well the 2011 awards are no different and in the following three posts I will be giving my thoughts.

Why three posts? Simple, I want to go thru who won what, then the big reveals before turning my attention to the actual broadcast. That will be the last of the three posts because I want to watch the show again, gather my thoughts. As I was actually at the broadcast last Sat, I want to watch it from the ‘gamer at home’ perspective and see what (if anything) changes for me.

So first up: The Awards!

I am going in reverse order, saving the GOTY for last. Please understand that these are my views. I am not a member of the voting panel, and I do not know how close the votes were in the categories. Please feel free to disagree with me!

GameTrailers.com Trailer Of The Year – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (E3 Trailer)
My choice: Dead Island
No offense to my colleagues at GT, but this award should have gone to Dead Island. That trailer came from nowhere and is one of the few that got so many people sitting together around computer screens, marveling at the sheer cinematic feel and emotional punch the trailer delivered. Dead Island managed to do what most others fail to, namely feel something more than just hype.

Most Anticipated Game – Mass Effect 3
No quibbles here. ME3 just takes it from Diablo 3 for me.

Character Of The Year – The Joker (Batman: Arkham City)
Bloody strange category this one, I agree that Joker was the best character of the year, but will explain more when we get to the V/O winners.

NFL Blitz Cover Vote – Ray Rice
My choice: Who gives a rats ass about this paid award?
This was a joke category right? Just a way to get people texting? A sponsored award paid for by EA?

Best DLC – Portal 2 Peer Review
Not many gripes here, although I will say that the Fallout: New Vegas DLC stood out more for me as it really enhanced the Fallout world and took it in new and enjoyable directions.

Best Downloadable Game – Bastion
My choice: Bastion
Yep, no doubt. Got it right on the money here. If you haven’t played Bastion yet, then you should.

Best Performance By A Human Male – Stephen Merchant as Wheatley (Portal 2)
Best Performance By A Human Female – Ellen McLain as GLaDOS (Portal 2)

My Choice: Male – Mark Hamill (Arkham City) & Ellen McLain (Portal 2)
I have put these two together because I want to pose a question: When voice acting plays such a huge part of how we react to a character, why did Mark Hamill get the shaft for Joker? Don’t get me wrong, I love Stephen Merchant and his West Country tones, but for me, Mark Hamill delivered the definitive portrayal of The Joker, and if Joker was the best character, then Hamill got screwed.

Best Graphics – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
My choice: Battlefield 3 – PC Version
Well this was a toughy. How do you evaluate the best graphics? Uncharted was certainly the most striking console game of the year, but does it compete with a high end gaming PC running Battlefield 3 or Skyrim? For me it doesn’t and I am not sure if this was a case of the games media not playing enough PC games, or them discounting the format completely. Either way that is what one would term an ‘Epic Fail’.

Best Song In A Game – “Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)” by Darren Korb (Bastion)
Best Original Score – Bastion

My choice: Song: Main Score – Skyrim. Best Score – Skyrim
These categories are always tough and while I adore Bastion, the rousing but controlled music of Skyrim tramples all before it.

Best Adapted Video Game – Batman: Arkham City
My choice: Batman: Arkham City.
No brainer. Arkahm City took up where Arkham Asylum left off and simply raised the bar again for adapted material. It put every other movie/book/comic rival to shame.

Best Independent Game – Minecraft
My Choice: Minecraft.
Yep, easy pick here. Minecraft came out and turned heads, got gamers and media alike dribbling with glee and oh..what? ITS A PC GAME. Fancy that..

Best Motion Game – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Best Wii Game – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

My choice: Yawn…really..can’t be arsed…
Well this must have been a tremendously taxing pair of awards to decide on with both categories being so full of outstanding titles…(Sarcasm mode off) Well I guess they had to spooge for Myamoto so that he flew all the way out here.

Best Individual Sports Game – Fight Night Champion
Best Team Sports Games – NBA 2K12
Best Driving Game – Forza Motorsport 4
Best Fighting Games – Mortal Kombat

My choices: Meh, FIFA, Meh & Mortal Kombat.
This is down to personal taste. So ummm meh.

Best Multi-Player – Portal 2
My choice: Words with Friends
Again, this is down to personal taste, and I know a lot of people were wanting Gears 3 to win. However until they figure out a way to stop assholes playing online, I won’t really give a toss.

Best RPG – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
My choice: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Yep, nailed it in my opinion. Witcher 2 can feel hard done by here as many say it is a brilliant RPG as can Deus Ex, but Skyrim is my choice. If you are reading this blog and are not aware of my love for Skyrim, then do your research!

Best Action Adventure Game – Batman: Arkham City
My choice: Batman: Arkham City
Aye. No question.

Best Shooter – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
My choice: Deus Ex
Really? I mean REALLY??? Have our standards for FPS games sunk so low that the gaming equivalent of a Michael Bay movie is the best we can get? A generic twitch game built on a creaky engine where you are led by the hand from one big explosion to the next?? And obviously the MP could not have been a deciding factor in this award, because PORTAL 2 won best MP!

For Modern Wankfest 3 to beat out Deus Ex is a scandal. DE had innovation in spades, a stunning engine, great writing, brilliant weapons & pacing. Yes, the boss battles were daft, but it still trumps anything MW3 could offer. At best this was a fanboy vote on the part of the judges. At worst they were pressured into it. Either way this award disgusts me.

Best Handheld/Mobile Game – Super Mario 3D Land
My choice: Words with Friends
Don’t really care about this award either way. Moving on…

Best PC Game – Portal 2
My choice: Skyrim
This to me is all about personal preference. Portal 2 is brilliant and deserved an award, but Skyrim is just my cup of Nord Tea.

Best Xbox 360 Game – Batman: Arkham City
My choice: Ditto
Arkham City is an outstanding game. Deserves another award. I think what is more telling here is that the winner was not a platform exclusive. A warning to MS to step up and give it’s gamers better exclusive fare? Maybe they should take a leaf out of the next winners book..

Best PS3 Game – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
My choice: Ditto
Sony had the best exclusive lineup of 2011, hands down, no doubt, without question. Uncharted 3 led the way, but I also want to give shoutouts to Resistance 3 & Infamous 2- both superb games in my opinion.

Gamer God Award – Blizzard Entertainment
No issues here. Blizzard have been stellar for years, and have managed to stay on top of their game despite being paired up with the cancer that is Activision. Long may they continue producing amazing PC games.

Video Game Hall of Fame Award – The Legend of Zelda
Look, I admit it, I don’t ‘get’ the love for Zelda. Not my cup of tea, never has been. However I do appreciate that the series is beloved by millions and have no issues with it getting this award.

Studio of the Year – Bethesda Game Studios
My choice: Bethesda
Makes sense right? If you made the best game then you are the best studio. Logic works for me. Which leads us to the final award….

Game of the Year – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
My choice: Do you really have to ask?
Yep. Aye. Oui. Ja. Indeedy.

Interesting factoid. Skyrim was not even on my list of most anticipated Fall games this year. I pretty much hated Oblivion and was too busy getting damp for Arkham City. Then the 360 version dropped on my doormat and 20 hours later I was pulling myself away from my console to go order the PC version. That almost never happens.
Now I am 89 hours in, have only completed 42% of the game and there is no end in sight, AND I LOVE THAT!

Best game of the last 3 yrs in my opinion. Congratulations to the team at Bethesda for showing us that huge stories, attention to detail and a fully interactive world can trump over the latest COD wannabe

And for those of you interested in my personal ‘Top 10’ of 2011, well here is that list, along with the formats played.

1/ Skyrim (PC)
2/ Arkham City (PS3 & 360)
3/ Deus Ex (PC)
4/ Uncharted 3 (PS3)
5/ Infamous 3 (PS3)
6/ Dead Island (360)
7/ Bastion (XBLA)
8/ Portal 2 (PC)
9/ Bulletstorm (360)
10/ Saints Row the Third (360)

Nest time I will be going thru the big reveals from the 2011 Spike VGA’s and offering my thoughts!

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18 Oct


I have a bad feeling about this..


If Star Wars has given us anything, its the phrase I am using for title of this post. Nothing sums up my geek worry better than ‘I have a bad feeling about this’ in the voice of Obi Wan. So anyway, I have a bad feeling about Battlefield 3.

This morning, I got sent a link to this article. by one of my Twitter followers (Thanks Mac11m)
The article states that EA Norway sent out a form for the media to fill in before they got BF3. Mac11m also wrote a follow up for Gamers-Daily.com. Read it here.

The gist is that EA have decided to only send pre-launch review code to a very, very small section of the media in each territory. I have been informed by a trusted source that only a few outlets in the US will get the game this week & I myself have been told that I will not get a review copy till ‘early next week’. Given that the game launches at midnight Monday night here, that makes it impossible for me or ANY journalist not on the ‘special’ list to be able to formulate decent opinions on the title before it hits the hard drives of consumers.

Now some of you might say that I am just throwing a hissy fit because I have to wait for my review code, well that is definitely not the case. Not getting the game till launch day does not impact me much as my next NBC segment is not till the 30th, giving me enough time to evaluate the title. In the grand scheme of things I am small potatoes, but there are dozens of journalists and outlets out there who people depend on for games buying advice, and those folks are getting hosed.

If a journalist gets the game on Monday, he/she has to play through SP and put some serious time into MP before they can write a review that’s any use before BF3 goes on sale at midnight. If they get the game at 9.am Monday (which never happens), 6-8 hours are taken on SP (at least) then another 6-8 hours on exploring every aspect of MP (which for a game like this is vital) Then spend a few hours writing the review etc and suddenly you are posting in the wee small hours of Tues morning while the most hardcore fans are already playing the game! That’s the BEST CASE scenario by the way. Worst case? Reviews hitting 3 or 4 days post launch when a lot of people have spent their hard earned cash.

For this to happen with such a huge release stinks like a 3 week old dead tuna. Add to that the outcry over the much maligned ‘beta’ that came out a few weeks ago and the only conclusion I can come to is that the game is poor. I have spoken to a few people that I trust in the industry and the general buzz on the game revolves around two words…. ‘buggy’ and ‘bad’.

If this is the case, then I for one am gutted. Battlefield 3 was my great hope to end the domination of Call of Duty and bring a smarter, more varied experience to the military shooter genre. If the game is a turkey, then EA knew there were issues months ago and should have pushed the game to next spring, but instead they were too busy getting mouthy with Activision.

I really hope I am wrong about this, but my PR experience is kicking in like a spidey sense and just won’t quit. I so want this game to be brilliant, if I am wrong then I will dance a happy jig and praise it to the world.

If I am right, then it could well be that EA’s ego and desire to smack talk Activison may have just killed one of the best gaming franchises out there.

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