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21 Apr

Invisible Walls 205 is up

by Beer

Due to this nasty flu bug I have picked up, I missed this weeks Invisible Walls, which is a shame because I had a lot to say on the various topics! (No surprise there..) Anywhoo, the show is up, its a corker so watch! Get More:, Invisible Walls – Episode 205, PC Games, PlayStation […]

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21 Aug


by Beer

This morning I got up nice and early to appear on the NBC4 Los Angeles Weekend Morning Show to talk about price drops, The Sims Social, Madden 12 and Deus Ex (vid is US only sorry) :

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15 Jun

Worst of E3 2011

by Beer

Those lovely but silly people at went and gave me a camera crew for the last morning of E3 2011. ‘Go’ they said, ‘record something, have a whinge.’ SO I DID. (BTW, contains swears) Tags:, Annoyed Gamer’s Worst of E3 2011, PC Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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