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06 Aug

Remake This! RoboCop Versus The Terminator

by Beer

This is the first in a (probably infrequent) series where I look at the retro games I loved & why they should be remade.   The 80’s was a good time for sci-fi movies.  Empire Strikes Back, Jedi, GhostBusters, Aliens, ET, Last Starfighter… the list is long with goodness. In 1992, two of the 80’s […]

08 Jan

The Great THQ Garage Sale!!

by Beer

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or so, then you know that THQ is coming to the end of its lifespan. It was announced today that bids are being invited for all its studios & franchises, which means that is bye bye time for Toy HeadQuarters. Now I am […]

03 Nov

I am growing a mustache for a great cause.

by Beer

So yes, I am taking part in ‘Movember’. Why? Well Movember is all about helping to fight and promote men’s health issues, in particular Prostate & Testicular Cancer. Now I am lucky, I don’t know anyone personally who has suffered from either disease, and hopefully no one I know will ever get it. However the […]

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06 Oct

MechWarrior Online Beta

by Beer

So I just got sent a bunch…nay a slew of beta codes for MechWarrior Online. Some I will give away on Twitter this weekend, but most of them are going to be offered to the lovely peeps who populate the AG Forums as a reward for hanging out there and chatting, something I wish I […]

30 Jul

Want to register for the forums?

by Beer

Well you can…with one condition – I must approve you! Why do that you may ask? Simple really, I want to keep this site free of trolls & spammers & the only way to do that is to personally approve each and every registration! Yes it might be time consuming, but that is the way […]

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