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by · November 22, 2008

So on the latest IW, Shane and I get into a healthy debate regarding who had the better year – PS3 or 360.

Let me first say that I am really proud of this episode, this is the type of Ep we will be doing more of moving forward.

Shane out-argued me, I cannot disagree. I still don’t think this has been a better year for PS3, simply because Sony SHOULD be killing Microsoft, and they are not. The PS3 is the better machine – fact, but I think MS have been way more savvy in their execution and strategy of tying up key exclusives than Sony.

I expected way more from Sony. They had the brand, the market share and audience built in from the PS2, but their arrogance with regards to simply expecting people to line up, fawn over them and shell out while not providing enough exclusive content and a quality online system (where the hell is Home?) has simply blown me away.

Microsoft however have worked their asses off with regards to securing parity for the multi-platform releases that were originally untouchable PlayStation titles (GTA, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy etc), making sure XBLA is a good service, and securing a bunch of JRPGs in an effort to crack the Asian market.

And to be frank, MS do a WAY better PR job than Sony. MS WANT people to play and talk about their games, where as Sony could not give a shit about keeping people in the loop and making sure that people who have a platform to reach consumers on a regular basis can do their job properly and efficiently. Having spent 12 yrs in games PR , I know of what I speak and while Sony are not the only ones to do this (EA, Activision, Nintendo, 2K and UbiSoft, I am calling YOU out here – Do your sodding job!) they are the biggest offenders. I try and play every big title that comes out, but you make my job insanely difficult and as I am someone who likes an simple life, that annoys me.

To finish I’m not a X-bot, I am a GAMER who owns all the consoles, a PC and loves playing games across the board.

One last note, to all those PS3 fans on the IW comments section who are hurling the homophobic and racial insults in my direction, way to reinforce yet another untrue stereotype, that all PS3 owners are morons.

Here is the full episode:


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