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by · June 7, 2009

So Ep 60 of Invisible Walls is up on, and this is an episode we crammed in by recording late on Tues night after everyone had dragged their tired asses back to the office after day one of E3 and its various presentations.

The focus of the show was to discuss the three 1st Party media briefings and dissect them in our own unique way. While I don’t want to spoil the show for you, I was of the opinion that Sony had the best lineup but their conf was not as good as it could have been, while MS had a good lineup, but their presentation was slicker.

Of course this has been met with howls of outrage from the more one-eyed members of the GT community, the ones who scream blue murder and lob out the racial and homophobic insults like there is no tomorrow. These of course are the people who can listen to the same episode 50 times in a row and still only hear what they want to hear, so maybe they should be one-eared, instead of one-eyed!

Here is the response I posted on the talk thread for IW 60:

“The question asked on the show was ‘Who had the best press conf?’, not ‘who had the best games?’ or ‘who will sell the most games?’ or ‘who has the whiniest set of one-eyed illiterates as fanbots?’

I am on the show because I look at things in a slightly different way to the rest of the crew, based on my 12 yr background in Games PR. I see the industry a little differently and that is why Shane asked me on the show in the first place. That won’t change, so get used to it. I don’t expect you to agree, just respect that I have a different opinion than you and move on.

A good press conf should not drag out, should cater to the target audience (in this case the games media and not analysts, shareholders or fanboys) and the presentations should be informative, concise and not feel like they are being done by a bunch of rank amateurs who have never had this thing we do called ‘media training’.

In my OPINION (and that is all it is, not law, not fact, not gospel) as a former PR person, of the three press conferences I saw, Microsoft managed to execute their event within the parameters I have mentioned above the best. Even though they did not have the strongest content.

Sony, IN MY OPINION did not execute quite as well AGAIN BASED ON THE ABOVE PARAMETERS even though their content far and away outstripped the other 1st parties at E3.

So, when the question was asked, I answered honestly and I still hold that opinion, even after multiple viewings of all the PC’s.

Now if you don’t mind, I am going back to play inFAMOUS, which I happen to think is one of the best games of they year, but please don’t tell the Sony fanboys, because it might confuse them that someone can actually love games simply because they are great, and not based on the name of the system you play them on.”

Now you may wonder ‘why bother defending yourself time and time again against these guys? They won’t change!’

My answer to that is simply – I have to keep on doing this in the hope that some of them will learn that we are allowed to have opinions that differ and at the end of the day as long as the games are good, who gives a damn what system they come out on?

So anyway, here is the link to the show, hope you enjoy!

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