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Ahh Dexter Morgan, now this is a chap I can relate to! A bit of a nutjob who likes to kill people, he decides to put his talents to use dispatching those bad guys who slip through the cracks in the justice system, then dumping their carved up parts into the ocean. I think this guy might have the right idea when it comes to criminal justice! All the while, our (anti)hero struggles to balance his urges with his job as a forensic guy for the Miami PD, dating and being a stable big brother to his sister, who is in turn a cop.

The game is based on the Showtime original hit series DEXTER, and involves puzzle solving, stealth tactics, mini-games, and “slashing” with the iPhone itself (using the accelerometer tech). You have two choices for how to control Dexter: you can tilt the iPhone left and right, then use the forward and backward buttons on-screen, or use a virtual joystick in the lower corner of the screen. Dexter’s interactions with other people require thought and strategy, as to not raise suspicions for Dexter’s “Dark Passenger”. This means maintaining your “Mask” – if this meter goes all the way down, it is game over.

So I had a chance to play this today and while I only had a chance to play the first mission, I must say that it has quite a bit of potential. You can play using first or third person views, and the control system is actually quite nifty for the iPhone.

Now you can’t actually run around offing people willy-nilly, because that just ain’t the Dexter way. You have to do a bit of detective work first, gather the evidence to make sure your target is the bad guy etc, then prepare the ‘carving room’ where you will eventually off the nasty person. In addition, you have to make sure you keep your girlfriend happy and maintain the ‘Mask’ that will keep others from suspecting you.

Scripted by one of the show’s writers, Timothy Schlattmann, and voiced by Michael C. Hall himself (star of the Dexter show),the Dexter iPhone game will hit the App Store in iTunes in Late Summer 2009. Until then, take a peek at the trailer for the game.

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