The Great THQ Garage Sale!!

by · January 8, 2013

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or so, then you know that THQ is coming to the end of its lifespan. It was announced today that bids are being invited for all its studios & franchises, which means that is bye bye time for Toy HeadQuarters.

Now I am not going to postulate where the studios will end up, but I will say that I hope each and every good employee who has busted ass for THQ over the years gets taken care of with a new job. The ones who have helped drive the company into the ground however can all piss off and work for KFC.

Lets take a look at some franchises that are up for grabs, and where I feel they would find the best home (note that this is pure spitballing, and does not reflect on the legal aspects of licenses for some franchises):

South Park – Microsoft

Lets start off with a totally wild one! South Park: The Stick of Truth becomes an MS exclusive. Note I did not say XBox… MS have the cash to pick this up, and have the title & various spinoffs available on Xbox, Windows 8, Surface, Windows phones etc. They are already very entwined with the title following the E3 presser of 2012, so this might not be too loony.

Metro – Bethesda

Metro is a dark, story driven action game. Now let me see…who does these games better than most? Oh right! The people who did Fallout, Skyrim, Dishonored etc. This would fit into Bethesda’s portfolio seamlessly and raise the prospect of some mouthwatering DLC down the line!

WWE – 2K

No brainer for me. 2K have a track record in sports games. They know how to deliver every year and this would fit in so well. Ubi would be an outside bet, as they don’t have a sports franchise. My preferred destination however is on 2K.

Saints Row – Ubisoft

Ubi does not have a dog in the open world/ sandbox battle. Yes I know they have Watchdogs coming, but SR is something unique. Its fun, silly, over the top and just mental. This would be a bold departure for Ubi, but one I would encourage. Hell I would encourage it just to see the PR campaign alone! This would also fit well at 2K, but I think they have something similar coming out this year…

Darksiders – Ubisoft / Square Enix

Ahhh Darksiders. The franchise that needed (but never got) just that little extra amount of love and has always been crippled by lousy marketing. Did you see the campaign for DS2? Well I did see one poster, on a billboard, and it was rubbish. This could find a great home at either Ubi or Square. I think either could up the quality and make it a true heavyweight in the games space. As long as it doesn’t go to Capcom…

Warhammer – Bethesda / WB / Ubisoft

Another franchise that should be dominating charts whenever it comes out. I could see any of the 3 publishers mentioned doing a damn fine job with this series and making each new title worth waiting for.


EDIT:  I forgot to include Company of Heroes – Need I say more than 2K & Firaxis? Nope, didn’t think so…


The kids stuff: WB / D3 / Namco Bandai

Do you really care where they end up? Me either.

So there be my thoughts. Let me know what you think via Twitter!. I am @annoyedgamer

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