The ‘Secret Project’..

by · June 23, 2012

I have been Mr Tease on twitter this week, hinting about this ‘secret project’ that I am working on, getting questions from people etc.

Well I can finally reveal whats been going on…

I am getting my own show on!!

Yep indeed, the Annoyed Gamer Webcast is moving to in the next 10 days or so. The show will be shorter and the format has been tweeked, but it’s basically me doing what I love, namely answering your questions and having a rant!

We are in pre-production (or beta if you will) right now, but the show will be appox 8-10 mins long, recorded & weekly.

I have two sets of people to thank for this, firstly the GT crew & Shane for giving me a chance to bring my sunny disposition to a wider audience, and most of all you good people who have supported me over the years! If you didn’t watch my ‘Worst of E3’ stuff, follow me on Twitter or come to this site to chill, this would not happen… so THANK YOU!!!

More info to come soon!



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