2009’s Top Games – My list – Part 1

by · December 28, 2009

Everyone else is doing a 2009 ‘Best of’ so like the sheep I am, here is part one of my list in no particular order:


A brilliant sandbox game with light RPG elements. Play as a good guy or play as a total wanker (guess which one I did?). Scale buildings, blow up bad guys with electrical bolts, glide along powerlines, heal members of the public (or kill ’em) and generally unleash your inner super hero or villain. This was my fave title of the first half of 2009 and totally kicked the ass of the more hyped (but very much inferior IMHO) Prototype. Unfortunately, Sony’s marketing efforts in early 2009 were total shite and this brilliant title did not sell as many copies as it deserved to.
If you own a PS3 then get this game. Not having it in your collection is a crime against gaming.


Dragon Age: Origins – Version Played – Xbox360

Lets hear it for Bioware’s brilliant but flawed magnum opus of an RPG! varied characters, a great storyline and of course lots of opportunities to shag make this the best RPG of the year. Unfortunately the game is hampered by glitches and bugs, but it is still a pantload of fun that will give you at least 60 hours of fun. And of course there is all that DLC to add!


Assassins Creed 2 – Version played – PS3

Hurrah for UBI Montreal! They got it right the 2nd time round. The sequel to the overhyped AssCreed adds something that the original sorely lacked…a game! Have much fun as you bounce across the roofs of renaissance Italy, chill with Leo da Vinci, hire hookers to distract guards and don’t forget to stab people! A top game, with only a few gripes (one of which is the immanent release of the missing chapters as pay for DLC – Nice one Ubi…tight bastards!) BTW – avoid the PSP version. It is crap.


So that is part one of my list. More to come over the next few days including my top 3 games. If I can be arsed that is!

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