2009’s Top Games – My list – Part Deux

by · January 10, 2010

And here is the 2nd part of my ‘Best of’ list. (Check out part one here) Does this segment need a more in depth introduction? Maybe I should go though the in depth criteria each of the titles had to pass before making this hallowed list? OK then, how about this.


Uncharted 2:

Nathan Drake returns in what was for many people, the best game of 2009. It had a bajillion awards, some incredible review scores (a 21/20 if memory serves) and promptly disappeared off the sales charts here in the US after one frikkin month! Not sure what happened there, given that the marketing was top notch (for once)and the game was indeed brilliant. Guess it says more about the Sony Fanbase being all talk and no action when it comes to supporting their machine?

Anywhoo. Bloody good game, great script, acting, puzzles & gameplay all combine to provide one of the most cinematic games ever. Nice one Naughty Dog!


Fallout DLC:

2009 was the year that DLC really evolved into something beyond a few poxy MP maps, new weapons or a new car, and Bethesda led the way with some bloody good offerings.
Each one added something to the game and provided enough to keep the fans of Fallout 3 ticking over! If you missed these gems, indeed if you missed the best game of 2008 (Fallout 3) then you can go get all of them in one big, sexy GOTY edition!
PC Version is the best, then 360, with PS3 being a bit of a buggy mess alas.



Yes indeed, more DLC, this time for the 2nd best game of 2008! Rockstar delivered 2 great expansions in 2009 that introduced new characters and tales to the glorious cesspool that is Liberty City. My personal fave? Ballad of Gay Tony. Equal parts fun, crazy and funny!

So thats 3 games more done and done. Just one more post to go!

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