I have been quiet this week…

by · April 13, 2012

Me….Quiet? Well I guess there is a first for everything!

I will keep this short & sweet. Been in Vegas for the NamcoBandai event. Got some interesting stuff to share but not till the 17th (embargo).

Did record a new Invisible Walls yesterday, I will post here as soon as it’s up.

Looks like I have finally caught the bug that is going round. Probably some combo of lack of sleep in Vegas (I can never sleep in hotel rooms anymore) the PAX bug that always comes around (I wasn’t at PAX, but mixed with some peeps in Vegas who had come from there) plus the remnants of my lady’s flu from last week. Which sucks.

On the plus side:

There is some good footy on TV this weekend.
I have scotch.
This arrived yesterday:

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