Beer’s Blog 4/4/2012

by · April 5, 2012

This is the first in what I hope to be a weekly blog that bridges the gaps between webcasts. I say hope because as you all know I am a lazy shite who sometimes can’t be bothered to write, so lets see how far this goes eh?
The blog post will feature my random musing & ramblings on a bunch of game stuff, not limited to any one title…
So lets crack on!


EA is the worst company in Amercia

Its on da interwebz so it must be true right??? recently ran its yearly poll to weed out the most awful, nasty, smelly companies in the U.S. & guess who won? Yep, E.A.! Hurrah for justice! That will teach ’em to mess up ME3/BF3/put Wayne Rooney on the cover of FIFA right? Yeah!! (Ok, sacrasm mode is now off).

EA beat out Bank of America to win this coveted award. That’s right, Bank of America. The company that forces people out of their homes, gives credit cards & mortgages to people who have no right getting them and then takes huge government bailouts to cover their mistakes / pay the bosses bonuses.


Come ON people!!!! I am not EA’s biggest fan, but even I can see this is bloody stupid! Yes they are not the best games maker and love to screw the consumer for every last penny but lets get some friggin perspective for crying out loud! This debacle shows once again that morons should not be allowed near the internet, and that a lot of gamers should grow the hell up.

If the assholes who voted spent half as much time on things that matter like saving the planet, ending poverty or human rights for all, the world would be a much better place.


Star Wars Kinect

Where do I start??? As a huge SW fan, this game made me uneasy from the first time I saw it demoed at E3. The on rails aspect, the arm waggling, the leaping around as if a hive of wasps was living in your pants… ugh.

Then when I saw this video, the unease became disgust of Jar Jar proportions:

Now I know Star Wars is a kids franchise. I was a kid when it first came out! However my fury at the game is not just limited to the continued abuse of my happy childhood memories by tubby ol’ Jabba the Lucas and his cronies. In fact the fury is compounded and increased by the fact that this really is a bloody awful game! As I said in one of my tweets yesterday, Kinect has not been the innovation promised, far from it. It has become an upgrade of the WiiMote, something that devs see as gimmick to churn out shovelware left right & center. In turn Microsoft have become Nintendo, happy to let any twat push out ‘games’ that can be packaged in those stupid purple boxes and sold to non games with more money than sense.

In short: The game is crap, the use of the Star Wars license insulting and any…ANY games reviewer who gives this a score above 4 or tries to defend it in any way is a stupid, lying, corrupt pile of Bantha shit.



This morning something incredible happened… I finally heard about a Kickstarter project that I could actually give a shit about!


The first time I played Shadowrun was on the SNES in the early 90’s. I loved the concept of Cyberpunk meeting fantasy characters and was hooked. I started buying the books, learning about the pen & paper game etc. I was so pissed when MS brought out that shitty shooter a few years back. It had nothing to do with the Shadowrun universe. Now however things might be improving!

I am going to support this Kickstarter. In fact, one of the ways I am going to support it is by taking all the shit games I have, selling them and giving all the cash to Jordan & his team. More info here:

Now where did I put that copy of Star Wars Kinect….


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