Begun, the Fall games madness has.

by · October 19, 2010

What you might say? Surely the Fall / Autumn 2010 games extravaganza began weeks ago when Halo Reach launched?? You might have a point if I was someone who really cared about Halo Reach, but I don’t, and this is my blog, so there.

So here is the list of games that be getting me all happy and joyful for the rest of 2010 (please note that I have not played any of these titles, and that all these games have been pre-ordered and paid for by me. No freebies here):

Fallout: New Vegas

If you are a regular reader of this blog, or have listened to me on Invisible Walls over the years then you will know that Fallout 3 was my 2008 Game of the Year and got screwed over by the GTA fanboys when it came to getting what it deserved.

Well here we are 2 yrs (and several expansion packs) later and the post apocalyptic series has moved West, swapping DC for the delights of Nevada. As I write this I am waiting for Fedex to deliver my collectors edition. Hurry up dammit!

Fable 3

I liked Fable, loved Fable 2 and I have high hopes that my third (and perhaps final?) visit to Albion will deliver everything that Peter Molenyeux has been promising over the years. The Fable games have always been fun and easy to get into, but I think for me they always serve as a reminder of home, with the British voices and of course humor taking me back to some of the BBC fantasy shows of my childhood.

The Force Unleashed 2

The first game was mixed bag, ranging from the brilliance of pure Star Wars geekdom to the frustration of bugs and the lack of real consequence for playing as a good or bad guy. Here is hoping that the sequel has lost the bad stuff and improved on the good stuff. The dev team have been making all the right noises so far, so we shall find out in seven days! Oh yeah, the first one was too short!

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Assassins Creed 2 was one of my fave games of 2009. Ezio and co are back to kick some renaissance arse with a huge multiplayer component to supplement the hopefully challenging and action packed single player. Even a year later I get a kick out of sneaking up behind two unsuspecting guards and dropping them like a psycho ex girlfriend.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Its WOW, its Blizzard…. need I say more? Since this was first announced they had me sol on the concept. Azeroth has been ripped apart and none of the old places look the same. The only downside has been the new cinematic which unveiled the cause of the trouble as a dragon. I was hoping for something more but what can you do eh?

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