A look at the Next Gen Console Rumors.

by · March 28, 2012


We love our rumors in the Games Industry, especially those that promise to shed light on the specs of the next generation of consoles for Microsoft & Sony. (I don’t include Nintendo in this because they seem to permanently be a generation behind the others, bless ’em).

So this morning the latest batch of rumors hit, this time regarding the PS4 via Kotaku. As with the NextBox rumors, a lot of the detail covers chipsets etc, but I don’t give a toss about those things and will just focus on a few key points.

Rumor the First: PS4 will not allow people to play PS3 titles.

Now my first reaction was ‘Really, well that’s just bloody daft…’ based on the knowledge that I have approx 100 PS3 games on my shelves & that the prospect of having to write off all those titles is somewhat bothering to me as I know the PS4 would replace my PS3 in my gamesroom.

Then I thought about it a bit & asked myself the question ‘How many PS2 games have you revisited since the PS3 came out?’ The answer is none, zero, nada, zip. Then I asked the same question of my OG Xbox games and I could only come up with 4. (KOTOR1 &2, Scarface & Fable). Now I know I am in the very fortunate position to have several consoles & a gaming PC to take care of my gaming cravings, so I have options, but let me ask this of you the reader..How would YOU feel if you could not play your PS3 titles on a new machine?

Now perhaps this current gen of games is slightly different to the last gen as I am not sure that the graphics / sound / gameplay will take a similar  huge leap forward in the next gen. As someone who returns to the Asylum & City of Arkham a lot, who loves being inFAMOUS & enjoys revisting Uncharted territory, I think I will be rather miffed if the only way I can have some retro gaming fun is if I reconnect my PS3 time and again. Lets face it, there are only so many consoles a chap can have out at once, and once the new version hits the older ones go into a storage locker!

So overall, this rumor that the PS4 will not support PS3 titles is really bloody stupid. If it was any company other than Sony I would say this would never happen, but it is Sony…a company who likes to take 2 steps forward before shooting themselves in the foot and dragging the bloody stump back about 3 miles.

Next rumor: Need to be always online.

Both the PS4 & NextBox share this rumor, and let me repeat what I have said before on this topic….THE ONLINE INFRASTRUCTURE IS NOT YET SOLID ENOUGH TO SUPPORT A MAJOR CONSOLE GOING ONLINE ONLY! And before any of you mention ‘Onlive’, while it is a cool way to stream PC games, there is a reason it has not broken into the mainstream. If either MS or Sony jump to the ‘always online’ settings for their consoles in this next gen, I can see them struggling big time.

Next Rumor: The Nexbox will have Blu-Ray / No it wont  have a disc player.

I would like to think that option 1 makes the most sense. For anyone who thinks that the Nextbox will only have a harddrive & will rely on XBLA to deliver content should really read my response to the previous rumor again…and again.

Next Rumor: Buh-bye used games.

This is another PS4/Nextbox rumor, and one I really don’t care about to be frank. More than happy to see the likes of Gamestop get hammered in the used market after they have spent years underpaying and overcharging for used games. This market does not benefit the gamer (they get overcharged and now still have to buy online passes) nor the games maker (who see squat of the resale cash).

So those are the main rumors that really caught my eye. I am sure there are more to come, and I still think that MS are daft if they don’t announce the NextBox at E3 this year, but thats just my opinion.

One last thing, ‘Orbis’ is a stupid & wanky codename. I propose that from now on we give the PS4 the codename….. ‘Brenda’.



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