Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

by · August 22, 2011

Haven’t done one of these in a while (a written review that is) but sometimes a game comes along that just yearns for a thoughtful, compelling deconstruction of it’s triumphs and shortcomings.

While Deus Ex: Human Revolution is indeed that game, this is not that article.
Aww c’mon!! You really expect me of all people to write some deep and meaningful piece of journalism full of verbose comparisons, pithy observations and references to ‘breaking down the 4th wall’ or using phrases like … like…oh I dunno, fancy and smart phrases that proper journos use??!! Not on this blog peoples.
First things first though. I have played the game on both PC and 360 and have to say that if you have the choice, go play on the PC. If you don’t you are a moron. The 360 version is very, very good, but no controller on earth can substitute for the feel (or accuracy) of a mouse & keyboard.
You should know the story by now, seeing as there are around 30 billion teasers and trailers for the game out there. If not, then get out from under your rock, go watch some and come back.
We set now? Good.
DXHR is damn brilliant. Not perfect it must be said (what game is?), but brilliant none the less.
Story – Top notch
Graphics – Oh yes indeed they are great, even on my mid range gaming laptop
Sound – Great voice acting and atmospheric effects.
Gameplay – You can play the game so many ways, it’s such a joy to experience that much variety in these days of linear, lead you by the nose titles.
Replay factor – Very high, did you not see the previous line about playing so many different ways?
Negatives – Menus are clunky and take you out of the flow, having a cover system instead of a true aiming component can irritate and your character is a total wuss when you start the game.
Overall: A bloody great game. A hybrid RPG/Shooter/Stealth game with so much attention to detail that it’s sick. An immersive world that sucks you in and makes you want to stay long after the game is done. Bravo Eidos Montreal!
Score: 96 beers out of 100.
Ok thats the review. See ya.

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