Crash of the Titans

by · October 6, 2007

Format: Every frigging one – I looked at the 360 version.

Release Date: Its out now

Price: $30 – $50 depending on format.

The player controls Crash Bandicoot, who must rescue his sister, stop Cortex’s Doominator, and save Wumpa Island. The first goal given to the player is to rescue Aku Aku who acts as the player’s tutor, shield, and skateboard(??). From there, the main goal of each level is to complete fights against large groups of enemies or simply progress through the level.

Each episode is broken up by a simple mini-game arena, where Crash has to accomplish a certain task in a set amount of time. The task usually consists of collecting a sufficient quantity of mojo, hijacking an enemy animal to snipe bombs, or simply defeating a select number of enemies.

At the end of a level, the player will earn a voodoo doll rank of either bronze, silver, or gold. This can be improved by fulfilling all the sub quests in the level.

When Crash defeats enemies or destroys objects, they release a magical substance known as Mojo for Crash to collect. When Crash collects enough Mojo, he will earn either an ability upgrade or a new move, such as the Norris Roundhouse or the Triple Dragon. He does, however, still have his trademark Tornado Spin as part of his arsenal.

While the small minions require only a single combo for Crash to defeat, the larger enemies, known as “Titans”, require a little more effort. Unlike the smaller enemies, the Titans possess a star meter over their heads, which indicates how close a Titan is to being stunned. The star meter will rise when a Titan takes damage. When the star meter is full, the Titan will be stunned, and will be susceptible to “jacking”. And no, perverts, it does not mean he turns into a US senator in an airport bathroom!

When Crash jacks a Titan, he will mount the creature, putting it under his control with the aid of Aku Aku. In this state, the player will take control of the Titan, who has a similar moveset to Crash, with the exception of some Titans, who shoot projectiles instead. Along with a longer health meter, the Titan also possesses a purple Titan Meter. When this meter is full, the Titan is able to unleash a unique special attack.

So, you get to stun things, jack them, mount them and have access to their long purple titan meter???? This is a KIDS game for gods sake! Dam those pervy Canadians at Radical for trying to corrupt the youth of America with their innuendo driven humor!

This is a fun game for younger gamers, and innuendo aside, it would make a great gift for a little bother or sister. Older gamers will get bored pretty quickly, and not even the previously mentioned double meanings can keep a more demanding gamer hooked for more than an hour as the game gets repetitive, and can be annoying due to the aiming convention that dos not allow you to cycle through targets. This is especially painful during the timed bonus levels, when you find yourself blasting the wrong thing time and time again, while the timer counts down and you lose the level.

Verdict: Annoyingly good for younger gamers only

Score: 7 /10

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