The Sims 2: Bon voyage.

by · October 16, 2007

Format: PC

On Sale: Now

Price: Probably too much for an expansion pack

This is the 6th expansion pack for the Sims 2, even though it feels like the 60th. Following on from Pets, Nightlife, Church, Gloryhole and whatever else they have out there, Sims 2: Bon Voyage allows you to take your little sim and its family on the vacation of their dreams.

I know, aintcha excited? I for one cannot contain my anticipation……

The game comes with 3 premade vacation destinations, Three Lakes (a forest resort,) Takemizu Village (the Far East) and Twikkii Island (a beach resort). Each destination has its own greeting and dance that Sims can learn. You also get the ability to create custom destinations, buy vacation homes etc.

Your sim will meet new characters at the various destinations, including firwalkers, tikki girls and ninjas. Your sim might even get to see local legends like Bigfoot. Unfortunately, I never got to see Bigfoot chase my sim and rip the little wanker into a million pieces. Oh well, maybe they sill let that happen in the next expansion….

Each area has lots of different hotels to choose from, ranging from cheap to deluxe. Obviously, the more cash you drop on a hotel, the higher quality the place is with more activities on offer, as well as better standards of room service so your sim can be fed and watered regularly.

Once you are checked in, you can explore the local area, go shopping, hit a bar or even look for hidden treasure in a pirate ship. All of these things keep your sims happy, and can lead to finding cool items and new characters to interact with.

There are tours that Sims can go on. Random chance cards can be answered which determine the outcome of the tour.

Sims can now take photographs and get a photo album. This means after your sim goes home, he/she/they can look back at their albums and sigh happily.

If your sims had a great time on their vacation, they’ll be able to choose certain bonuses to their abilities on returning home, such as increased productivity at work, faster skill learning, or an additional slot for their immediate “wants”—which allows their short term goals to be fulfilled and keeps them even happier.

To me, this seems like too much hard work. The way I look at it is that if I don’t get to go on a swanky vacation and meet ninjas, then my sims cant either!

This is at the end of the day – more sims, it gives you more locations, more characters, more things to collect and more ways to keep the little bastards happy. If you love the sims and like nothing better than spending hours planning and living out a virtual life in this game, then get this expansion pack. What am I saying – you probably pre-ordered it and are already boring friends and family with a slideshow of Sim vacation snaps.

Verdict: Annoying

Score: 6/10

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