Annoyed Gamer on Live!

by · July 8, 2008

Thats right, someone has been daft enough to let me vent my gamer spleen live on the interwebs!

So, from today, July 8th 2008, you will be able to watch Annoyed Gamer live on your computer, and if that was not fantastic enough….. theres more!
If you tune in for the live show and create a free account with livevideo, you will be able to participate in the show. Join the chat room and post your comments on the topics that I am covering, or suggest new topics! Ask me questions live on air, and watch me struggle to think up a witty retort! You can see me make an arse of myself on a live internet broadcast people!

If you want to see the full show (if you really are a glutton for punishment that is) then click here for the video archives, and feel free to sign up, subscribe to the Annoyed Gamer Channel and generally contribute!

And just to give you a taste, here is one of the segments from today’s show:

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