Knights of the Old Republic Online CONFIRMED!

by · July 19, 2008

In an interview with Portfolio Magazine at E3, Electronic Arts head cheese John Riccitiello confirmed that the company is working on two MMO’s. One, Warhammer Online has already been announced and to be honest will probably find it tough to take away much traffic from the monster that is World of Warcraft. The second game however is the one that has long been rumored and prayed for, but never confirmed till now.
Thats right peeps, the MMO scene just got a whole lot sexier as wannabe Jedis everywhere get the chance to put the nightmare that was Star Wars Galaxies behind them and polish their lightsabers in anticipation of the deep joy that will be know as KOTOR online!

Developed by original KOTOR creators BioWare in partnership with LucasArts, there is no release date, butmy own gut feeling is that a Fall 2009 / Early 2010 date will see padawans and Sith apprentices everywhere lining up to get a taste of the KOTOR goodness.

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