Annoyed Gamer Ep4

by · August 10, 2008

EP 4???? What the hell happened to Ep3??? Well, its on its way, (and I will upload a segment here over the next few days) but in the meantime, here is part one of EP 4. Its bigger than the usual segment (its half the sodding show!) and has a min or so of the ‘up next’ banner at the start, but at least it is a little something to keep you going!

BTW, you can access the other 1/2 of the show HERE.
As always, please feel free to sign up at LiveVideo (its FREEEEE!) and of course, if you would like to friend the show and subscribe to the Annoyed Gamer channel, then thay would be muchly appreciated as the more subscribers / viewers the show gets, the more companies will take notice and perhaps listen to what we have to say!

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